reality tv

our cable was finally shut off today and here are a couple of things that we’ll miss. some of them we are definably better off without.

pop culture clip shows – the soup, the dish, best week ever

chelsea lately

msnbc – rachel maddow, keith olbermann

the daily show and colbert report

most bravo shows- project runway, top chef, real housewives of atlanta, etc

mad men


and of course the countless other crappy shows we get sucked into, which is the main reason we got rid of cable.


i am wallowing in a pit of bad reality shows right now. even top chef is boring me. i’m glad that the third season of america’s best dance crew starts tomorrow. the two seasons of abdc that aired last year gave me some of the biggest television moments. this show is a natural extension of my love of dance movies. mainly i like that the crews get creative challenges and do all their own choreography. season one was all about kaba modern, and season two was all about fanny pak. you can watch all of the fanny pak performances here. i strongly recommend the speakerphone and get ur freak on performances, but they are all great.
neither of my favorites ended up winning. maybe i should start voting?

mad men : set in the sixties with dashing men in sexy suits and women in torpedo bras. also its a damn good show, somewhat reminiscent of the good seasons of six feet under. we are in the middle of the first season, trying to catch up since the second season already started. this show really makes me want to drink scotch.

picture from vanity fair

picture from vanity fair

eureka : the second season of this somewbuhat cheesy sci fi show is just out on dvd. while this show is far from perfect, it has a very quirky buffyness about it. and i have a bit of a crush on jack carter.

americas’s best dance crew : since watching this show i have become an authority on dance crews. i’m rooting for fanny pack. i recommend following the link this youtube video dosen’t do them justice.

project runway : the last season of on bravo. i loves me some project runway. hands down the best reality show that will ever exist.

wall-e : utterly charming, amazingly grand in scope, i almost cried (people were crying all around us).

the dark knight : i liked it more than batman begins, but all i can say is “meh”.

the season finale of cycle 10 of america’s next top model was the other night. for the first time in top model there was a plus size (or full figured) model in the final two. going into the finale i was rooting for her, not because she was a good model (i don’t really even like her), but because she was plus size. as a model she is just meh. her photos alway look too cataloggy. i present whitney. isn’t she huge? yes, i’m joking.

the other finalist was anya, a perky and odd woman from the strange land of hawaii. i couldn’t imagine her winning because she has the weirdest eastern european/hawaiian accent, and if there is one thing cover girl doesn’t like is accents that often need subtitles. not to mention the weird albino like makeover they gave her. at least she takes photos like a model.

so you can get a taste of her accent, and her albinoness.

this is probably the worst final runway challenge in top model history.

neither of them can walk, i kind of think that whitney and anya were pushed through just so whitney could win. they cut several of the really good models early on. lauren, claire and katarzyna really should have been the final three. anyway, it is over, whitney has won. although i don’t really trust that she won because she deserved it. thanks to fourfour for offering some possible and questionable answers.

now my early wednesday nights are free, but i still have to be home by ten for top chef.

the second episode of america’s best dance crew was a little boring.  due to too much product product placement in the announcements and introductions (thanks tivo) the performances are still too short.  i’m looking forward to when the group’s can do longer performances.

iconic – still my favorite, despite this somewhat unoriginal performance, i loves me some broadway influence. they have to work on their costumes though.

kaba modern – they are the obvious winners, by far the most together group

jabbawockeez – i hate the masks, but i give them credit for staying so in sync.

mtv’s new reality show america’s best dance crew appeals to me on the same level as cheersploitation films, and they throw in the reality show elimination fun.  of course mtv has to ruin it with quick edit and too short dance numbers.  the judges are jc chasez from nysnc, lil mama a hip hop “superstar”, and shane sparks, a choreographer, who i only know because he was on so you think you can dance.  the host is mario lopez, i’m happy that someone who started out as the drummer on kids incorporated has made it so far in life, and doing more than staring in made for the hallmark channel movies. don’t ask me why i know that.

the redeeming value is that the crews choose the music and choreograph their own numbers.

my favorite crews

iconic – bob fosse set to hip hop.

kaba modern – just plain good

status quo – they danced to marky mark!

i don’t like this group, but i feel i should post them because they’re on roller skates.

damn top model marathons, they are always on. we have seen all the seasons multiple times, yet we can’t stop watching them. we have the same problem with project runway marathons. why are these endlessly watchable?

i know it has something to do with tyra being a litte bit crazy.

and occasionally you get people like jade.