Swans @ Neumos


One of my exes introduced me to the brutal sounds of Swans, a band I was ignorant of even though I was so close. They broke up a couple of years before I became aware. Michael Gira, the sonic genius behind Swans, moved on to solo projects and the less epic but more heartfelt Angels of Light. None of which really came close to Swans, which were always about the crushing power of sound. When Gira announced a new version of Swans would record a new album and tour I could only hope they would be able to come close to the original. The album made my best of the year list, even with it lacking the strength of the earlier albums, it has more in common with Angels of Light. Even thought I’ve been able to see Angels of Lights and Michael Gira (solo) several times, I was still online to get tickets for this show as soon as they went on sale. The show was beyond expectations. It was probably the second loudest show I’ve been too, a Mogwai show holds the title still. They opened with a new song that took twenty minutes to get started, a slow throbbing build up the climaxed with such beauty that could never be captured on record. Songs from the new album were played in a manner that was almost unrecognizable and guttingly gorgeous. Large chimes and two drummers took them closer to the original Swans line up and sound. The older songs, at least one from each album, shook the venue and the crowd to the point where we part of the sound. While I doubt we got even close to the experience of seeing the original Swans, I would happily (and eagerly) watch that show over and over.


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