So Percussion @ Town Hall

The only other time I saw So Percussion they were playing with Matmos in Portland. I had a good idea what to expect from the show. Working anything that vibrates and makes sound they construct soundscapes with intricate rhythms. So Percussion uses buckets of water, the sound of sharpies writing, hand claps,  as well as drums, chimes and toy pianos to create the highly choreographed and the spontaneous. They played a couple of Steven Reich and John Cage songs, and a few of their own compositions.  Town Hall is not one of my favorite venues, the room is a bit echoey. That echo worked phenomenally well for So Percussion, with every turn of the head the sound changed. A reception was held after the show,  I went mainly for the snacks. It wasn’t too surprised to find my friend Ginger talking to one of the members. I casually snuck in there to ask some questions.  I’ve tried to figure out how they played and processed the cactus that was highlight of last summer’s show and only played briefly at this show, he happily explained the technique, which was super simple. A great show by a group that understands how to manipulate sound.


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