summer moves.

over the past two months lots has happened in the positive negativity world. we have moved back to seattle ending our three-year stint in portland. the move happened so quick  that we are still processing it. life hasn’t stopped during the time of our transition, i’ve been to many shows, seen a couple of theater events, bought new music, and was reading up a storm during my alone time in portland. my better half was up here in seattle settling in to his new job. i moved up about two weeks ago, and started my new job a couple of days later. unpacking has been slow since we’re both working and having a lot of  “happy to be back in seattle” gatherings with friends. there are only a few boxes left and a bookcase to put together.

i’m hoping things will  settle down soon and i can get back to posting. i have at least ten drafts started, so once i’m back expect a cavalcade of posts.

1 comment
  1. DyLynn said:

    …eclectic box collection. nice. could you send me something in that lovely red dragon potato box? actually, just send the box…cheaper. haheeheeho!

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