ipod project a-_, all done.

last august i started a project of listening to all the songs on my ipod in alphabetical order. most of the listening was at work, where i am by myself for the most of the day. i did take breaks here and there but never for more than a day or two. i finished late last week, it took me almost nine months to get through it. here’s what i learned.

-you can put ‘post’ in front of anything music genre and i will probably listen to it, the same goes for ‘proto’

-songs from broadway musicals often just don’t work out of context.

-i have a LOT of noise/drone music. there were times that days would go by and i would here nothing else due to the pieces are often called “track” or “untitled”.

-i may have too many remixes of hercules and love affair‘s “blind”, at last count i had 15. in my defense antony does an amazing job on the vocals.

-i also may have too many version of “talk show host” from radiohead.

-while my musical taste is all over the place it all flows together very well.

-i’m not ashamed of all the pop or high school musical soundtracks, but i would turn down the soul coughing songs. i don’t know why, i still like them, but i felt judged.

-the mega man soundtracks are great incidental music.

-the hardest songs to listen to at work were the aphex twin ambient pieces, they made time go by so slowly.

-i still really like at the twee that i listened to years ago; go sailor, tiger trap and the ilk still seem relevant.

-same goes for violent femmes.

-no surprise radiohead, antony & the johnsons, and bjork make up the bulk of the music, followed closely by yellow swans and xiu xiu.

-i have excellent taste in music.

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