rain’s not the problem.

think what you want about stephenie meyer’s twilight series, i’ve always been into the vampire thing, i can’t explain why. the world that meyer created for the twilight series,  and her version of the vampire, works for me. although i strongly disagree with the “glitter” thing, thankfully references were kept to a minimum in eclipse. the third part of a series are sometimes overlooked, often too full of character development and short on story, eclipse almost escapes. its main purpose is to get you ready for the finale so it feels a tad empty. biggest problems i had with it; the teen angst gets on my nerves and bella’s wishy-washiness is bothersome. i would have liked to see more of the volturi, and i’m glad the victoria story line ended. revenge is only interesting for so long. beyond that eclipse is pure escapism and it did get me excited for breaking dawn. it’ll be a while until i read that, i refuse to carry around that size of a hardcover.


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