life isn’t really that bad.

the gray sisters is getting a fair amount of press for a premiere play. written by craig wright specifically for the four women in the third rail repertory company. the gray sisters is the story of a family dealing with some intense drama,  told by four sisters in a series of one-sided conversation monologues that span over several years. the four actresses deserve all the accolades they receive.  it is the talent and grace of these women that makes this play so gratifying. i thought the play itself could use some work. the one-sided conversation idea was a little hard to take for ninety minutes.  also some of the plot points just didn’t seem right or come together in a satisfactory way at the end. in fact we left wondering about what the play was essentially about, we couldn’t nail down the purpose. while the gray sisters wasn’t boring, i did find myself bored at times. still,  i would encourage people to see this for the fantastic, powerful performances of the cast. that’s what you’ll remember when you leave.


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