you may have noticed.

the recent liars show was my first experience at the hawthorne theater. in my mind the venue is the spot for the emo/hardcore youth of portland, and they were certainly present for the liars show. which is a change from the hippies that perforated the crowd the last time i saw a proper liars show, that was in seattle. they were touring for drums not dead and it was a killer show. i avoided them on the last tour because i wasn’t a fan of the last album. i’m pretty happy with the new album so i was looking forward to this show. liars had  a couple of members of fol chen playing with them, i wasn’t a fan if this. with so many members the music was more structured and somewhat clinical, liars still turned it out though. they ran through a set that stole songs from almost every release, including a lot of the ep’s. they may had been a little restrained musically, but it didn’t matter too much because they have such life on stage. the old songs sounded fresh and blended with the newer songs seamlessly.  liars are just ridiculously good live.


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