shooting up with pure energy.

a couple of weeks ago i was trolling netflix for musicals when i found the apple. here’s netflix’s description.

two canadians, alphie and bibi , fight the leaders of a future dystopia (set, interestingly enough, in the now-distant past of 1994) when they test their fate at the worldvision song festival. their sweet and smart lyrics earn them the admiration of many, but corporate giant Boogalow International Music pushes for another team to win. when BIM offers them a contract, however, the pair wonders whether the gift is really a trap.

i immediatly added it to my queue and bumped it to the top. it’s not on the watch it now, so i had to wait a bit. i watched it last night, my mind was blown. the version of 1994 in the movie is hysterical; pointy shoulder pads on everyone, tiny domes on cars, and record companies run the world. the music is disco, glam and new wave influenced and the production numbers could’t sparkle more. here are some of the performances.

the competition for a record contract.

what the world looks like after the contract is signed.

a soft reggae ditty about how to manipulate the public to create a pop sensation.

can’t recommend enough.


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