kept his head down, bent to his task.

reading this book was almost like work. gregory maguire‘s “wicked years” series expands on the world of oz that l. frank baum created in the wonderful wizard of oz. a lion among men explores the life of the cowardly lion, named brrr here. his back story is filled in and the tale of dorothyfrom his point of view is told. the majority of the book is devoted to the time after dorothy left and oz is trying to put itself back together. i really enjoy the world that maguire created, wickedis a good book and the second book son of a witch is great. the problem with a lion among menis that it’s cluttered with too many characters and locations with names and connections that are too tenuous to be memorable. Also the post-dorothy plot involving the lion as undercover investigator looking into the rumors of the wicked witch’s child, is thin and not strong enough to carry the book. maguire is now writing the forth and final book in the series, i’m sure i’ll read it because i like closure, i hope it seems more natural less forced.


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