incomplete by their ears.

liars had to win me back with sisterworld. their last album, liars, held none of the surprises of the older albums had. for a band that stylistically grew with each release, it was troubling to hear them be stagnant. i should say that liars does sound a lot different from it’s predecessor drums not dead, it was just a step back for them.  so i was looking forward to sisterworld, i had a feeling that they would pull it together. when the video was released for “scissor”, i was convinced sisterworld was going to be good. almost immediately you notice a symphonic sound aboutsisterworld, expanding their sound into an eerie, somewhat ethereal direction. it sounds distinctly like liars,  unexpected driving guitars and drum blasts all filtered through whatever they use to make that swampy blues post punk sound that appeals to me. lyrically they are still mining the caves of dark fairy tales for tales conflict, desolation and distress. sisterworld isn’t as strong as the earlier albums, but the sound of this album makes me think that their next one will be outstanding. i’ll be seeing them next week, i think the songs fromsisterworld will have some killer live versions.

i strongly recommend that you get the two disc version of the album. the remix album is pretty solid.

  1. nastyles said:

    My thoughts exactly. Glad to hear that someone else thought that the self-titled album was a bit crap, most of the reviews I read of it were very positive. “Sisterworld” is definitely a step in the right direction, but still not quite up to the standards of ‘We were wrong…” or “Drum’s not Dead”

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