it was fun for both of us.

before i gush about the xiu xiu show at holocene, i would like to say how much i enjoyed tune-yards, one of the openers. i knew nothing about merrill garbus (the woman behind tune yards)  before the show, she caught me by surprise and had me stupefied. as i texted a friend merrill is like the “fantastic child of laurie anderson and ani difranco”, odd sounding and fantastic. probably one of the best openers for xiu xiu possible.

now for xiu xiu, i’ve talked so much about the melancholic genius of jamie stewart and xiu xiu that i’m bored of it.  alas, this show was just further proof of it.

the last proper  xiu xiu show i saw they were a four piece, this time they were down to a duo, going drummer and bassless. so they were back to the keyboard/guitar/electronic/cymbals group of a couple of  years ago. for this tour jamie teamed up with angela seo, who i know nothing about. i can tell you that the sound for this show was a lot harsher than past tours, it reminded me a little of power electronics of the 90’s that morphed into the noise scene, and it made it awesome. this direction tears into the raw emotion of jamie’s lyrics, making the wounds feel fresh. i was crushed in the best possible way. plus they get major bonus points by using the korg ds. long live xiu xiu.


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