i am called to meet thee.

more musicians should release albums the way joanna newsom did with have on one me. for music nerds like me, it’s annoying to know that an album is done but won’t be released for months. not much was known about have one on me until about a month before it’s release, it made it so much more exciting. when i heard that it was going to be a triple album, i was sure it would be extraordinary. my first listen was on a sunset train to seattle, since then it’s been the soundtrack to the house. the first couple of listens i couldn’t pay attention to the lyrics, i was so absorbed in the swirling sound that is a great stylistic step for joanna. the symphonic sound from y’s has been pared down letting the roughness show, just a little and just the right amount. joanna’s voice is maturing to sound very much like kate bush and tori amos, the way she bends words and her fantastical storytelling is distinctly her’s.  i get the feeling that joanna had a vision for this have one on me, and worked furiously until it was ready. there’s a sense of urgency about the album, i really think this works well for her. i can’t find a meandering or boring moment in the two and  a half hours of music. very well done joanna.


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