he mouths the words he should sing.

dear animal collective,

the time for us to go our separate ways has come. in the early days of our relationship you seemed to work hard to surprise me and keep me entertained. i had high hopes that we would have a long and loving time together. then came last year’s merriweather post pavillion. mpp is soft and predictable, nary a scream or surprising blast of sound. lots of people loved your new direction, i found it rather boring.

now you’ve released an ep, fall be kind. i picked it up the other day, fairly certain it would disappoint me, yet still under your spell. i was hoping that since it’s an ep you would be a bit noisier, more risky. i was sadly mistaken. i would sometimes forget i was listening to it, and not realize  until i went to start something. everything is so watered down, i can’t tell the songs apart.  i’m glad you are growing and exploring new paths, your just gonna have to do it without me.

many regards

1 comment
  1. Josh said:

    I would have to agree but MPP I did enjoy only because it was fun to listen to. No new ground was broken but it did have a bit of escapism and euphoria behind it that was pretty cool.
    Take a bow your blog looks and reads great. Well done mister.

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