it’s a little hard for me to admit how much i liked the somewhat trashy sookie stackhouse series. these charlaine harris books are what alan ball uses as the inspiration for the hbo series true blood. this series sucked me in and i read them all back to back, even though i tried to stop. they are more addictive than smack.

  1. naf said:

    you could say they’re more addictive than V! i like how light hearted and silly these books are, so different from the dark melodrama you’d expect. and the show takes it to a whole different, equally enjoyable place.

    can’t resist contrasting with twilight – those books are actually quite amazing in a very different way. but the translation to movie makes me puke.

  2. exit. said:

    it is interesting how they changed the tone of the books for the show, i like the darker feel they give it. i have a feeling that by the third season the only similarities will be character names. i’m glad the show doesn’t include all of sookie’s snarky thoughts, those almost drove me crazy.

    i’ve still only read the first two twilight books, there’s no way i’m carrying around those giant hardcovers. and i may get chastised for saying this but new moon was actually a decent movie, much, much better than twilight.

  3. Annette said:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

  4. leslie said:

    um, i can’t wait. im jonesin for some sookie smack.

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