sounds of aught nine.

so here are the albums you should like if you want to be like me in the year 2009. aside from antony on the top, they’re in no particular order, although subliminally they probably are. there are too many links for me to deal with at the moment, so if you want to know more, i bet you know how to use google or bing.

the crying light – antony & the johnsons
released around the time of my mother’s passing, the crying light got me through on of the most difficult times of my life. antony’s beautiful homage to nature and the battle of light and dark was what i needed to work through the doldrums i was lost in.

bitte orca – dirty projectors
i didn’t pay any attention to dirty projectors until earlier this year, they played a show with bjork. dirty projectors main guy dave longstreth wrote all the music and lyrics, bjork sang them. i figured if bjork was working with i should give them a chance. at first i wasn’t too impressed with the album, then i really fell for the “stillness is the move” video. all of a sudden bitte orca was all i listened to for about a month.

at the cut/skitter on take off – vic chesnutt
two albums by vic in two months, yes please! at the cut is beautifully sculpted around his voice, using most of godspeed and guy piccotto as the clay. at the cut’s sound is so sprawling that vic’s voice is the grounding factor. skitter on take off i would describe as sparsely broken. recorded in several days with jonathan richman doing the productuion, it’s pretty close to experiencing vic live about ten years ago. both albums are amazing and will haunt you.

fever ray – fever ray
i was already profoundly impressed by the last the knife album, so i was pretty certain that i would like karin dreijer andersson solo debut as fever ray. she created something that is stark and lush at the same time. her lyrics are cryptic and hypnotizing. much like the knife, every aspect of fever ray (album covers, photo shoots, concerts, videos) is an artistic expression. if you’ve never seen any of the videos, you should. she is the hipster lady gaga.

investigate witch cults of the radio age – broadcast & the focus group
this ep is something that broadcast has been hinting at for years. a psychedelic collage of beautiful sound. i have a feeling that it was the focus group that helped them realize this vision. this is one of those albums that just hits me in the right place.

bromst –  dan deacon
joyous electronic chanting noise. that is all.

patches – dj/rupture & andy moor
dj/rupture is an auditory artist of world sounds and andy moor (from the ex) is one of the most creative guitarist the music world has seen. together they made an hip hop mixtape with a post punk edge to it. truly great stuff.
the hazards of love – the decemberists
this album is just epic. i refer you to the review i wrote in the spring.

felt squares – jamie stewart
technically called the ambient experimental minimalist series. jamie stewart (the lead guy of xiu xiu) had a whole lot of sounds and wanted to release them, so he made a subscription series. i get a cd a month, only three months left. on the cds are a melange of sounds from a variety of sources. these are collections of uncomfortable beauty at it’s finest.

traveling like the light – vv brown
this album came out of nowhere. sixties soul and garage mixed with modern pop sensibilities. it’s a really fun album, which may take some time to grow on you.

young one – the mayfair set
some of the best lo-fi pop released in years, from members of blank dogs and dum dum girls. kind of like early magnetic fields mixed with the aislers set.

portable dunes (w/john wiese)/live during war crimes 3 – yellow swans
they may have broken up, but the yellow swans still released two killer albums of dense drone. sonics so strong they clean your ears.

bonfires on the heath – the clientele
i’m a big sucker for the clientele, even though they’ve essentially released the same album over and over, i just think it’s fantastic.

fleurs – former ghosts
while former ghosts is a project of freddy ruppert (of this song is a mess but so am i) it counts jamie stewart as one of its members, he knows the sounds that my brain likes. his sonic stamp is all over this dark wave masterpiece. sounds like the work of a damaged mind.

III – espers
simple acid folk from greg weeks and company. they capture that sound, you know, the one that i love.

under and  under – blank dogs
krautrocky/synthy/no wavey/me likey a lot.

it’s blitz! – yeah yeah yeah’s
it’s blitz! was a slow burner, it took me a few listens until it clicked, but once it did, it was all over. so much better than show your bones, not groundbreaking but fantastic none the less.  so mad at myself for not getting to their show here a while back.

music of the modern white– zs
abrasive ambient with skronky horns, this album takes you on a journey you never knew you wanted to go on, but you end up loving.

the spoils – zola jesus
i got this album because a blog made it sound so good. i would describe it as minimal pastoral electronic no wave with vocals  inspired by the cocteau twins. a brilliant album. 

guns don’t kill people…lazers do – major lazer
this is diplo and switch’s dancehall project. it actually sounds more like a grime mixtape with a dancehall influence to me, and it rocked my summer. also, i’m kind of a sucker for diplo.

discoveries – not really new releases, but they are new to me.

sings the truth –  malvina reynolds
gosh, this album blew me away when i first listened to it. political/sociological folk that’s way ahead of its time.  she must have been the coolest grandma in town for sure.

the bridge – thomas leer & robert rental
electronic post punk form the late seventies released by throbbing gristle’s label. you should have this.

the best of – patience and prudence
a sister act from the fifties. simple pop pleasure.

secret stories – minny pops
simple synthy post punk from factory records. another one of those why have i never listened to them before moments. 

shop assistants – shop assistants
mid eighties indie pop from scotland. obviously and influence to the sarah records/k records/riot grrrl crowds.

index – index
it’s a bit hard to find information about these guys, and i can’t remember what blog i downloaded this from. index was a garage band from the sixties, similar to the monks. the version i have is a scratchy vinyl rip coated with mp3 hiss and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

my boy lollipop – millie small
sure i knew my boy lollipop, but i had no idea about the wealth of rocksteady goodness millie small had recorded.

disco club – black devil
i only just got this and i’m already impressed by this french space disco from the late seventies. mainly because the people behind it have obviously listened to quite a bit of krautrock.

a go go – dara puspita
a sixties girl group from indonesia, you know i’m gonna love this.

psyco analysis – corviria
another one i don’t know much about. it’s an affecting, sorta ambient, album possibly from the 70’s. one blog says “very moody music diagramming the sound of various pathologies of mental illness”.

new york city 1976-80 – come on
come on are on the cusp of post punk and new wave. fantastic stuff.

genesis – wendy and bonnie
another sister act, this time from the late sixties and this time with a psych folk sound. amazing for a couple of teenagers.

the teddy bears sing – teddy bears
phil spector’s first vocal group production. great, just great.

  1. Josh said:

    Most original year end list I have read this year. I feel so trendy after posting mine.
    I have heard about that Black Devil LP from somewhere. Perhaps from Jonny Trunk.
    I am going to put some of these titles on my list that I take shopping.

    • exit. said:

      just do it josh, post a list. i’m dying to know what’s been filling your head lately.

  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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