pretending to know the songs.

before i write about seeing morrissey i just have to rant about how the roseland made me check my camera, so you may want skip ahead to under the picture.

i walked to the venue and got in line. while i was waiting a man came down the line saying that no cameras would be allowed in and that they should be returned to your cars. he said that cell phones cameras were okay as long as you didn’t take any video. returning to my car wasn’t an option for me and i certainly wasn’t going to walk home with it, so i wrapped it in my scarf and hoped for the best. if you’ve ever been to the roseland here in portland then you know that they have security stricter than the airports, so of course they found my camera. i was told to put it in coat check, which i did, and i was more than a bit worried about getting it back. during the show hundreds of cell phones popped up to take pictures, and many took video. i imagine that morrissey doesn’t like cameras because of two reasons. first, he gets incredibly sweaty and kinda gross looking when he performs, so he probably doesn’t want that image of him out there. second, he’s had some incidents recently (collapsing and getting hit with flying beverages) that he doesn’t want documented and put all over the web. banning cameras doesn’t stop that, the person next to me was updating his facebook with video almost every song. at least with my camera the pictures would have been of good quality, and i don’t see the point in taking video. artists and venues need to accept that there are cameras everywhere now and drop the no camera rule.

now onto morrissey (with a generic picture i found on the web).

morrissey is another person i’ve been a fan of almost as long as i can remember. an old school mate alison gave me a tape of one of the smiths singles compilations and i became wrapped up in the world of moz. i’ve had the fortune of seeing him several times, the first time being on the a tour he did just before vauxhall and i came out. that show was at the webster theater in hartford ct, and it was amazing; i was right in front of him.

i rode past the roseland on my way home from work (four plus hours before doors opened) and there was already a healthy line formed. this time around i knew i wanted to be close again, so i got to the venue about forty-five minutes before doors opened, the line had doubled in size. once doors opened and i checked my camera (grr), i found a good spot near the front and in the center. i expected a crush when morriessy came out, because touching him is a big thing for fans. i touched him at that first show. it’s probably that aspect that gave him the saint morrissey nickname. the crush did come but people were respectful and really only pushed when he came near our section.

when i learned that morrissey was playing the tiny roseland theater, i wondered what he would think of it after playing huge theaters everywhere else. he seemed to relish being in the small venue. he chatted with the crowd, and seemed in fantastic shape while singing. there was a couple of times in between songs that he showed signs of being tired and a bit rundown. his voice wasn’t as strong as previous shows, but he still belted it out. morrissey has a power over people, he can make someone swoon at the drop of a hat or in moz’s case a wave of his arm. the setlist was alright, he’s touring off a b-sides collection so there weren’t many of his hits. i was good to hear “cemetery gates” and “the world is full of crashing bores”. i think if i hear “how soon is now” one more time i may do something rash, it never was a favorite of mine, and i was a little surprised he played it. the show was marvelous, but i left a little melancholy because i had a feeling it would be the last time i will see him. only time will tell.

this charming man
irish blood, english heart
black cloud
don’t make fun of daddy’s voice
death at one’s elbow
when last i spoke to carol
one day goodbye will be farewell
is it really so strange?
i’m throwing my arms around paris
cemetery gates
why don’t you find out for yourself
if you don’t like me, don’t look at me
the world is full of crashing bores
teenage dad on his estate
the loop
how soon is now
i’m ok by myself

first of the gang to die
swinging on a star


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