where does space end?

alright, i am way behind on writing this, the show was over a month ago. i’m surprised how much i’ve grown to like dirty projectors, considering how despite there experimentalism they’re firmly rooted in a genre of indie rock i find extremely boring. over the summer i became obsessed with their song “stillness is the move” and it’s video. i was excited for this show, and it was at the aladdin theater, which is one of my favorite venues here in portland.

they did not fail live, the put on a fantastic show and had great energy. musically  they didn’t really add anything to the songs, they pretty much sounded like the records. from what i’ve heard lead projector dave longstreth is a bit of an audio perfectionist, so that is probably why they didn’t veer away from record sound.

normally that kind of thing would ruin a show for me, i like live versions to be different, i want them to pack a punch. dirty projectors pulled it off excellently, because they seemed so happy to be playing. they were way into it, the songs still felt alive. i think that  says something about the strength of the songwriting.

the highlight of th show was the band’s use of a syncopated voice technique,  multiple singers taking different syllables and singing together so it sounds like one singer.  they used the technique  in two songs, one off of bitte orca and the new song, “when the world comes to an end”, which they closed with. you can watch them singing that song on jimmy fallon here. i could have listened to those ladies do that all night.


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