i’ll keep my dream alive.

many years ago in an apartment in the fremont neighborhood of seattle, rachelle and i discovered the tribe. some random cable channel played it for about a year or so. the tribe was a kids show from new zeland about a world where all the adults have died and the kids have to rebuild the society. lucky for them there was no shortage of hair dye, make up or styling products.

the opening credits

the shows topics covered all your typical after school topics drugs, stealing, teen rape and pregnancy. they also dealt with cults for a whole season, something all youths need to be warned of. most of the series is set in a mall that the kids squat in. almost everything about this show is so bad it’s good.

every now and then i think about the tribe and want to see it again, preferably from the beginning. someday, maybe i’ll get my chance.

  1. Morgan said:

    I miss me some Tribe. In the future we will all live in an abandoned shopping mall and spend our time thinking up pointlessly unique/totally idiotic face paint designs and hair accessories. You know, because it’s “the future.”

  2. naf said:

    it’s not just the future, it’s the future primitive! yay! i cannot wait.

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