spring rolls from the summer.

the other night i was organizing the photos on the computer and came across these pictures of salad rolls i made for my friend nick’s birthday party. i meant to post them earlier, but they got lost and forgotten.

i haven’t done a lot of big cooking projects since moving into this apartment. as you can see i don’t have a lot of work space. it took me a while to get this mise en place ready and set up in a fashion that would work.


you’ll notice that the cutting board is a bit unstable, making the rolling a bit precarious. thankfully once everything is cut, the rest goes rather quickly.


one of the bothersome things about salad rolls is the dip, i wanted to get the dip into the roll without much dripping or oozing.  i made soba noodle salad with a heavy dose of peanut dressing to replace the plain bean thread noodles normally used.


it was a very successful plan, and they came out beautifully, no side of dipping sauce required.


this was only my second or third time making salad rolls, i forget how easy it can be, and people are always impressed.



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