i think i saw warhol there.

one of the few bands that morgan and agree on is broadcast. to me they are one of the most interesting groups around today. they have a style and sonic structure that i appreciate. they draw influences from all over, library and field recording, vintage electronica, and sixties krautrock to name a few. i’ve seen them live several times so i knew this was a show not to skip, and i wanted to make sure morgan got a chance to finally see the. the sixties log cabiny basement of the doug fir was the perfect venue.

the reviews of show’s i’ve been reading have said that the openers kind of stole broadcast’s thunder, i didn’t find that the case. the selmanaires played first and then were the back-up band for atlas sound. i thought they were both fine, just a tad boring and not my kind of music. i don’t think they were a good choice for opening for broadcast, at least not at this point in their career. atlas sound’s set did have two good surprises, first trish (from broadcast) came out and sang with them, then for the last song laetitia sadier (from stereolab) joined them. these guest vocals brought some energy, something atlas sound didn’t have.

2009 november 032

broadcast’s current direction is into a more sonic collage territory, a lot less structured and groovy than their previous sounds. they opened the show with a twenty-minute noisy psych-out jam, that wouldn’t have been out-of-place as a soundtrack to a party at andy warhol’s factory.

2009 november 053

after the sound piece they moved into a mix of the poppier early songs and the collage sounds off the recent release, broadcast and the focus group investigate the witch cults of radio age. there was definitely a contrast between the two styles, but they melded well. i love the new direction, it is exciting to see them being fearless.

2009 november 067

trish and james helmed two tables of mixing boards, samplers, a laptop,  and a  moog or korg (sorry don’t remember which). a couple of times trish picked up a small string instrument, i have no clue what it was though.

2009 november 072

i could tell that something was bothering them about the show, probably something to do with the sound on their end, but that didn’t stop them. by the time broadcast’s set was over, i was so impressed. while a totally different experience than the other times i saw them, it was still broadcast, and it’s inspiring to see a group make music that come off as being part of them.

here’s excerpts from a recent wire interview with broadcast, it’s excellent an read.


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