cups of tea are a clock.

years ago josh gave me a copy of the raincoats 1979 debut album. i was immediately enthralled by it and had one of those “why have i never listened to them before?” moments. the raincoats are right up my post-punk alley, i quickly acquired as much of their material i could.

despite them being somewhat active in recent years i had written off my chances of every seeing them live. when i heard that the raincoats were coming to portland as one of the four planned u.s. shows i was a little dumbfounded. also, i couldn’t believe that they were going to be playing a tiny venue, holocene.

the current line up of the raincoats is remarkably close to the original.  the original raincoats,  ana da silva (vocals and guitar) and  gina birch (bass and vocals), were joined by anne wood (violin) around 1996. they have gone through a string of drummers and for this tour it was vice cooler, who did an excellent job.the raincoats (15)not surprisingly the set list was mainly off their first couple of albums, and a couple from the most recent (1996’s looking in the shadows ). they knew what people wanted to hear and they delivered. the songs still  sound just as fresh and relevant today, not showing their 20+ years of age at all.the raincoats (60)the women of the raincoats were so glad to be playing, telling stories and thanking everyone multiple times.the raincoats (21)they were frenetic whilst playing, lots of jumping, rocking and dancing. they showed no sign of fatigue, i think they could have played all night.the raincoats (29) i was eagerly waiting for this, i had such high hopes for it and wasn’t let down. they played a high energy, fast paced set, at times i couldn’t believe they are pushing 50.the raincoats (51)i’m so glad that the raincoats came to town, and hope to see them again someday. as a bonus i scored a limited edition show poster that is totally frameworthy, thankfully morgan agrees, so look for it on our walls in the future.

this was my first show with my new camera that i am still figuring out how to use properly, so far i love it, i just need to master it.


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