parted for the night.


alright, rachelle lent me voices telling me how much she loved it, so i went into with high expectations. that’s always a mistake.

the story is about a society’s struggle to free themselves from invaders that have taken over their land. the group that took over outlawed all books fearing that they are weapons of the devil, and made slaves and whores out of the natives. one household is at the center of the of the resistence, and when some visiting storytellers from the north come they unknowingly help instigate the revolution.

i thought the book was an excellent read, i felt a little let down that i didn’t love it like rachelle did. which probably means i’m not intellectual enough to understand the symbolism and allegories ursula le guin weaved into the story. there are some obvious statements about religion, and a warning of a possible future illiterate society. both of which i appreciated.  le guin is a fantastic writer, i’m only just starting read her.

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  1. naf said:

    i took a bunch of notes while reading this book, which i’d like to share here, but can’t find them. what i will say is that “voices” was simply lovely to me. it was the first le guin that i read that truly moved me. i recommend the two others in this series – “gifts” and “powers.” they share a few characters and an entire geography.

    before reading voices, i’d only experienced two others: both “the dispossed” and “left hand of darkness” were great stories, and i identified with their themes and characters, but something just did not resonate. they had some kind of arrid quality that kept me outside. when i read i like to be immersed. i’m seeing some kind of arrid/air, immersed/water metaphor but it’s not fully formulated.

    this weekend i just finished “lavinia” which is a telling/retelling of a character from the aenid by virgil. virgil’s lavinia doesn’t have a voice, but le guin’s lavinia sings. this novel was a love letter to virgil’s poetry, and was as close to poetry as prose can come. i usually devour books without pause but this one i masticated. i really took the time to enjoy it that lavinia deserved. i’m not sure it’s a story for everyone, but it was the perfect story for me. and i can’t wait to share it with my dad for some reason. i’ll try not to talk it up to him too much!

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