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awhile back radiohead announced they wouldn’t be release a full album for a while. instead they’re going to do a series of singles, eps, and whatever else they think up. here’s a round up of what they’ve done so far.

“these are my twisted words”

“these are my twisted words” is available free on w.a.s.t.e., there no reason you shouldn’t have this song. it’s classic guitar based radiohead, sounds like a track left off in rainbows. i like how the lyrics don’t start until halfway through the song, setting up the feeling of longing that the words describes.

“harry patch (in memory of)”

“harry patch (in memory of)” was written for the last surviving british soldier from the first world war, and was recorded a few weeks before harry patch’s death in late july. the opening strings are a new direction for radiohead, i hope they continue to explore that. jonny greenwood is really developing his modern composition style. this song is available for purchase on w.a.s.t.e. and the proceeds go to royal british legion, an organization that aids british veterans and their families.

here’s what thom has said about harry patch.

i had heard a very emotional interview with him a few years ago on the today program on radio4. the way he talked about war had a profound effect on me…..i very much hope the song does justice to his memory as the last survivor. it would be very easy for our generation to forget the true horror of war, without the likes of harry to remind us. i hope we do not forget. as harry himself said: “irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims”.

“feeling pulled apart by horses”

“feeling pulled apart by horses” is actually and older radiohead song that used to get played live as “reckoner”. “reckoner” was turned into a completely different song on in rainbows. thom and jonny have reworked the song and released as a thom solo 12″. “pulled apart” has the feel of a kid a b-side.

“the hollow earth”

“the hollow earth” is the b-side to “feeling apart by horses”. it’s a track that came out the eraser sessions, thom felt it needed some more time to gestate. if has a heavy autechre and dubstep influence, which works well with thom’s vocals.

“all for the best”

“all for the best” is another thom solo track that appears on a tribute album to mark mulcahy, ciao my shining star. mark mulcahy was the lead singer of connecticut’s little band that could, miracle legion. i’m not in love with this track, i was never a miracle legion fan. thom’s version is good, but it doesn’t surprise me.



alright, rachelle lent me voices telling me how much she loved it, so i went into with high expectations. that’s always a mistake.

the story is about a society’s struggle to free themselves from invaders that have taken over their land. the group that took over outlawed all books fearing that they are weapons of the devil, and made slaves and whores out of the natives. one household is at the center of the of the resistence, and when some visiting storytellers from the north come they unknowingly help instigate the revolution.

i thought the book was an excellent read, i felt a little let down that i didn’t love it like rachelle did. which probably means i’m not intellectual enough to understand the symbolism and allegories ursula le guin weaved into the story. there are some obvious statements about religion, and a warning of a possible future illiterate society. both of which i appreciated.  le guin is a fantastic writer, i’m only just starting read her.

poor positive negativity, i’ve been ignoring you a bit. since the start of my new job description and the work blog that comes with it, i have been working a lot more. also i’ve been trying to eek out the last bit of summer fun with outside activities, t:ba events, movies and general socializing.

i’m well into the ‘c’s of my a-z project, today i listened to eight different versions of “crazy in love”. most by antony & the johnsons, some by beyonce. they are both equally great and i could have listened to many more versions easily.


antony & the johnsons.