win or lose, it don’t tell the tale.


i forget now which documentary had the malvina reynolds’ song “little boxes”, i do remember  filing it in my memory banks. it took me a little while to remember to track it down. i got sings the truth a couple of weeks ago, it kind of blows me away. malvina’s use symbolism and writing was light years ahead of her time. “little boxes” is a statement on suburban conformity, and her song “the new restaurant” is about the harmful effects of food industrialization on society. she also covered the dangers of nuclear war (“what have they done to the rain?”), the stupidity of violent racism (“battle of maxton field”), and poverty (“bitter rain”). this is the kind of album i want to copy for all my friends, it’s incredible.

“little boxes” a video someone made of a project.

“the new restaurant”

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  1. Don said:

    Wow, thanks for turning me on to Malvina. I love her voice (very like Coco Rosie) and her subject matter!

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