the a’s.


i started a project, listening the songs (close to 20,000) on my ipod in alphabetical order. someone i follow on twitter inspired this, i can’t remember who, and i am to lazy to read through all the twitters to find out. i started out only doing it at work and on my bike rides to and from, a couple of weeks ago i committed full time. i have only taken breaks when i’m at home and wanted to listen to a certain album or song.

it took me close to three weeks to get through all the ‘a’ songs. including 13 versions of antony & the johnson’s “another world”, and the entire soundtrack to philip glass’s einstein on the beach (all songs start with “act”)  i was surprised by how well it all flows together, noise and drone fits nicely alongside musicals and pop. i’ll post about every letter and comment on some of the songs, that popped out or really worked at the moment i heard them.

a-a-a o-o-o eh-eh-eh ee-ee-ee 00-00-00 – vladimir martynov

this was the first song that played, it’s a avant garde choral piece by a russian composer vladimir martynov. it was a great way to start, and set a good tone.

all or nothing at all – jimmy scott

jimmy scott is a big talent with a delicate yet grand voice. coming on after sean paul and the small faces, “all or nothing at all”, it felt like it was my first time hearing jimmy scott all over.

american life (featuring missy elliot) (american dream remix) – madonna

while the regular version of madonna’s “american life” comes off like the the whinings of a spoiled rich girl. mix up the beat a little and add a guest spot by missy elliot, it turns into a cheesy pop classic.

angry (featuring tippi irie) – the bug

“angry” came on while i was riding home one day. my bike ride home takes me through the pearl neighborhood of downtown portland. the pearl is full of people shopping and cars driving stupidly slow, this song about injustice and poverty was fitting in my bizarro world. it was followed by “angry inch” from Hedwig, which also seemed right.

army of me – liars

“army of me” is one of my less favorite bjork songs, the liars have made it into a masterpeice of distorted noise rock.

i’m into the ‘bi’ section of the b’s at the moment, is should be at least another week till i’m out of the b’s.


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