i know what i’ve done.

parable of the talants

parable of the talents, sequal to parable of the sower, is a mixed bag of a book. over the last two years i’ve become a big fan of octavia butler’s unique style of sci-fi writing. unfortunately parable of the talents reads like it isn’t written by octavia. the wording is often clunky and long winded, and the plot sort of meanders a times. it’s missing octavia’s usual colorful and easy going flair. talents seems like it is two books crammed into; one the story of lauren, the other the story of her daughter. part of me wonders if she submitted two books, and the publisher decided to combine them into one. leaving the job to an editor, not octavia.

i am glad i read the book though, if you’ve ever read any of octavia’s book you know that she has a strong talent for story arcs that span several books. so it was good to see the story of lauren olimina come to a conclusion.


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