the tanbergs.

last weekend was audrey and erica’s wedding. i’ve been waiting for everyone’s pictures to turn up before reporting. the wedding was at craven farms in snohomish, washington. they were lucky to have an absolutely beautiful day.

the day started early for those of us in the wedding party who were also the setup crew. it took us a couple of hours to set up and organize the room. during this time i got to know erica’s friends, all of whom are awesome good natured people. after everything was set up, there was couple of hours of downtime that was interspersed with organizing caterers and last minute details. i do not envy wedding planners, their jobs are stressful.


once we were all in our tuxes or dresses, a million pictures were taken. the photographer had us jumping up and down under a tree, posing as pirates in a ship, and idolizing the couple while they sat in a barn door. all of the photographer’s pictures can be found here.

the ceremony was heartfelt and joyfully tearful. there wasn’t a dry eye in the wedding party or most of the crowd. audrey and erica’s love for each other was felt by everyone.


after some mingling time, the new couple came out for their first dance together. they had an delightfully adorable routine planned, it was so cute watching them. after their dance the wedding party did a square dance that was meant to be a surprise for the crowd. we had a lot of fun doing the dance, even if it was a little sloppy. video of the dances is here. sorry you need a facebook account to see it, i used morgan’s.


then came dinner, and some of the most loving and moving toasts i have ever heard. a highlight was audrey’s mom serenading them with “the nearness of you”. it is clear that everyone agrees that audrey and erica are a perfect match.

my crippling fear of public speaking kept me from doing a toast. here’s what i should have said.

i only have a small group of friends, it seems that i really try to collect a family. audrey has become a like a sister to me, and the daughter my mom always wanted. when i first met audrey years ago, we instantly hit it off. she proved to be a reliable friend, a great dancing partner,  an up for anything travel companion, and one of the best roommates. when i moved out to seattle and she moved to boston, almost ten years ago, i was a worried that we might lose touch, thankfully that didn’t happen. i was overjoyed when audrey moved to the pacific northwest, it was the magnetic pull of rachelle and i, she couldn’t stay away from us. it took audrey a while to find her footing in seattle, but when it did everything slowly fell into place, culminating with her meeting erica. i have never seen audrey so happy, something she deserved since she devotes much of her time to making other people happy. although i haven’t spent a lot of time with erica, i connected with her quickly, and knew that audrey had found someone special. i couldn’t be happier for the two of them, i love them both.

after the toasts there were cupcakes from trophy cupcakes and dancing to tunes provided by status. it was a wonderful and beautiful wedding. and a great start to audrey and erica’s life together. i hope they had a fabulous and relaxing time in hawaii this past week.

  1. Audrey said:

    yay! Joe, i love your toast. Thank you for writing it for me and Erica. Thank you for being a part of my wedding. it was an amazing day and i am so glad you were a part of it all.

  2. Erica said:

    Way sweet, Joe. Thanks guy! The toast is so thoughtful and kind; and in a way, it’s even better in text than spoken so we can refer back to it 😉

  3. notafood said:

    Joseph what a beautiful and moving toast for this beautiful and moving couple. cheers!

  4. Matt said:

    Awe Congratulations!!! Great pictures. Great post. I wish you both the best and Joseph that was a great toast.

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