self defense against the present.

i’ve been busy lately so i’m a little behind on my posting.

last week thom yorke performed a rare solo show at the latitude festival in suffolk, england. he premiered a new song called “present tense”  since he played both radiohead songs and songs off the eraser, it is not clear where this song may go. my theory is that it will end up on the next radiohead album, which i hear they are working on now. it is hard to tell where this song will end up, or how it will sound when recorded. radiohead have been known to play songs for years, working on them till they are how they should be.

so here it is, thom yorke and “present tense”.

at the moment i think it’s ok, the sound quality is off so that might be part of it. the lyrics, from what i understand, are strong, continuing in the personal vein of in rainbows. i think it still needs some fleshing out.

1 comment
  1. Josh said:

    I think once it gets fleshed out it will sound great. I predict it will also have JG playing the ondes.

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