on june 21st antony played a concert in amsterdam with the metropole orkest. not only was it filmed for dutch television broadcast (although four songs were cut), but it was also recorded for a radio broadcast (full set list and all the talking). thanks to the internet i have been obsessed with this concert. there is a beautiful version of the unreleased “christina’s farm”, a haunting cover of “crazy in love”, and a killer version of “ghost” (another unreleased song). “ghost” floored me when antony performed it a couple of years ago at the brooklyn academy of music. the highlight of the show is that he premiered a new song “salt, silver and oxygen”.  morgan is probably beyond tired of hearing this concert, i don’t think a day has gone by in the past month that i haven’t listened to it. a friend sent me a dvd of the show also, but i will save morgan and only watch it when he’s not home.

my friend birdantony is hosting downloads on his site. be sure to thank him in the comments.
go here for the audio.
go here for the video. (ignore the audio on that page, it’s not the complete show.)


“salt, silver and oxygen”

“crazy in love”

  1. Josh said:

    Those posts aren’t so bad. I thought you might have thrown out something like Thom Yorke performing a new song or the Decemberists show. That Beyonce cover is awesome. I know it’s being released on a single shortly. So it might be nice to have it on a 7″ 45 rpm single.

    • exit. said:

      you can pre-order that 7″ on the secretly canadian website.

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