shower of goodness.


another recorded live experience i recommend is bjork’s voltaic. a beautifully packaged four disc collection. one disc is a collection of remixes off of the marvelous volta, the second is a live recording from the olympic studios in london, the third is all the volta videos, and the fourth (and best) is a dvd of two concerts from the medulla and volta tours. for as much as i love bjork, the remixes off her singles never did anything for me. there are some gems here though, especially the xxxchange remix of “earth intruders”, the matthew herbert mix of “declare independence”, and the two modeselektor “dull flame of desire” remixes. the rest of them are alright, nothing to write home about though. as for the videos, almost all of her videos are amazing (her worst video and song, which isn’t on this disc), so that disc is well worth it. the real treasure of the collection is the live material. this is bjork first official live audio release, and i couldn’t be happier.  the volta tour was a spectacular site to behold and my favorite of her tours that i’ve seen. while the audio disc is not a true concert recording, it is the live versions though, and they pack just as much energy. the dvd, which morgan and i went to see in theaters a couple of weeks back, captures the live experience. and makes you fall in love with bjork all over again. my only complaint about the collection is that it is too short, i wish we got all the songs played on the volta tour.


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