we did some great things.

albums getting much play by me recently.


karin dreijer andersson’s (from the knife) solo project, yet it’s not that far away from the knife’s icy electronics.


i found this album on some blog and was surprised to find that it contains a song i liked in the ghost world movie, but wasn’t on the soundtrack. fairly amazing sixties girl pop by patience and prudence.


like the earlier grizzly bear albums it took me a while to warm up to veckatimest. much poppier than the previous albums, but just as sonically dense.

Millie Small 12

i’ve been on a bit of a sixties kick. i found millie small on a rocksteady blog. i love her voice and the rockstready pop sound.

dirty projectors bitte orca

i didn’t quite get dirty projectors until it got their earlier albums, and now their fractured pop sound makes sense. they are kindred indie rock spirits with bjork, and sort of related to antony. bitte orca isn’t their best album in my opinion, that would be rise above. rise above has a rough jagedness that appeal to me, bitte orca is jaged sounding, yet smooth and polished.

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