she barks.

well over a week ago i went and saw pj harvery and john parish with jessica who scored some awesomely cheap tickets. i knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be regular pj harvey show, this show focused on the two bluesy, mildly bar rock albums that pj has made with john parish. the first of which i like okay and the second one is just meh.

pj harvey june2009 010

the show was good, not great. they all seemed to be so happy to be there in the half empty roseland. the showmanship of pj was the highlight of the show. she was much more subdued than when i saw her before, but she has that spark that you can’t take your eyes off.  it’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t get even one pj solo song. they did play a john parish song, which was surprisingly good, but not good enough to make me look into him.

pj harvey june2009 022

we left happy, yet wishing we had a more rockin’ time.

pj harvey june2009 025


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