dozed off.

i’ve been avoiding this post for some time. i started it several weeks ago as a review of the animal collective show that josh and i attended. i was a little let down in the show. i am not a fan of the new album, but i was hoping they would bring in noise live. it makes me sad when a band i love so much starts disappointing me.

grouper opened the show, she is a local drone rock queen. her layered vocals and guitar loops were lost in the acoustics of the roseland. she would be better appreciated in a bar, or someones basement. hopefully not being overshadowed by animal collectives equipment.

may 2009 106

animal collective played a mellow set with songs mainly off the last two albums and “comfy in nautica” from panda pear solo album. they were so static on the stage they became part of the stage. the set was so sterile, nary a scream, heavy bass or excitement.  i expect more experimentation from them, especially in a live setting. not once was i suprised. the music was so lulling that i fell asleep for a moment during “fireworks/essplode”.

may 2009 123

then there was the lame ass stage setting. a couple of lit up tables,a tapestry of the last album cover, and an inflated orb for projections. it was almost like a one trill hill’s version of a hippy light show. the last couple of tours have had pretty impressive light show in a very radiohead jr kind of way.

may 2009 129

when the set was over, they left the stage for a few minutes.  brian and noah came back on stage and said that they couldn’t play an encore because something was wrong with david’s ear. apparently the only song they could play without him was “comfy in nautica”, and they had already played that. while i understand about david’s ear, i would like to call b**sh*t on not doing an encore.  noah has three solo albums out, you can’t tell me he couldn’t have pulled off a couple a songs. brian is a competent guy, he would’ve improvised. hell, they should’ve just started playing, not caring about it being perfect. that’s what the animal collective i fell in love with would have done.

i may sound very negative about the show, i didn’t hate it. i just thought it was fine. they rocked softly, i feel asleep. i will certainly think twice about seeing them again.


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