moms on drugs, good listeners.


crazy enough has been getting great reviews and was extended three times.  i was worried that all the praise was really the result of portland being in love with a portland product. portland has a tendency to do that. storm large’s one woman show at portland center stage took me a bit by surprise, by living up to the praise.

done right a one person show is one of my favorite forms of theater; i’m in awe of someone who can stand on stage and hold a theater’s attention for hours. it is well known in portland that storm large (yes, that’s her given name) is a great performer with an incredible singing voice. in crazy enough she tells the story of her mother’s mental illness and how it affected her life. storm was at ease on stage and has the banter down, she is funny and personable. at times the more emotional dialogue would come off a little too rehearsed, she was definably more comfortable with the conversational parts. the songs, that were mainly used to express the emotion of a story, are strong and catchy. a couple of them were quite touching and sad, the one about her mother’s death had me totally choked up. a little too close to home for me right now maybe.

crazy enough is storm’s show and she shines in it.


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