inundated with vorkosigan


morgan’s aunt lent me many books last year, most of them were part of the vorkosigan saga by lois mcmaster bujold. the series centers on a the character miles vorkosigan, who was born mutated because of a noxious gas his mother was exposed to while she was pregnant. he has a photographic memory and a quick intelligence, unfortunately he was born with some physical challenges. he is on the short side with weak disproportionate bones. coming from a royal family,  father is a lord and a war hero, his mother a princess from one of the outer colony planets.  he has a very pressured existence. the series tells his story of growing up, going through military school and into his misguided luck as a mercenary leader.

i’ve read ten of the books in the series, and that’s a few too many. the books are good, some are quite excellent, i just got tired of lois mcmaster bujold’s writing style. the narrative gets in the way and the conversations seem clunky. also the sci-fi world she created is not that creative with a standard future primitive planet life, and a  space life that is full of cliches. the plot and character development that saves this series. the plots are full of political and class commentary and often twist into unexpected directions. bujold has a good sense of whimsy and knows when to use it.

there are several books in the series i would recommend, the one that stands out is young miles. really a collection of two books and a short story, they fit together and make a great story arc.

if you’re a fan of the ender series, you’ll probably like this series. if you don’t know the ender series i would suggest reading those instead.


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