a friend of twitter.

i’ve been a fan of twitter for a while now, i’ve done my best to recruit people. it’s hard to convince people that twitter is more than a time vortex, like myspace and facebook, which it’s not. unless you’re following hundreds of people, you can’t spend more than ten minutes reading and commenting on other peoples tweets (for some reason i don’t like that they’re called that). it is easy to get sucked into checking it all the time, but since i am not in front of a computer all day, that’s not a problem for me. then there is that whole “why does anyone care?” argument. i think that twitter is one of the best ways to keep up with friends far and near, especially since i never call anyone. if your following friends, you should at least be a little interested in what they are doing and what they are up to. as long as their not post every stupid thing their doing, which i may be a little guilty of. as keight once said in a tweet “life is often interesting”.

speaking of keight she recently posted a link to an article on her site that did a good job explaining twitter, in defense of twitter.


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