hey swamp, hey swampy.


last night i caught twilight repetory theater’s production of who’s afraid of virginia woolf. i have never seen it on the stage, i am familiar with the movie version starring elizabeth taylor. the basic premise of the story is a bored drunk couple, martha and george, invite a younger couple over for late night drinks. the night turns into a psychological game for martha and george, full of taunts and mockery. the meat of the play is in the riotous dynamic between martha and george. their drunken abuse of each other, each equally pushing and pulling,  is like a well cheographed trainwreck. you want to walk away from it, hoping nothing like that could be real, but it sticks with you and can’t stop looking. the actors did a fantastic job capturing that horrible feeling. the one complaint i have about the performance is that they lost the boozy aspect that gave the film a hazy feel, kind of like it was all a dream. the characters are drinking heavily throughout, at some point the actors stopped acting drunk and focused on the crazy. the show is going on till sunday and you wouldn’t be wasting your time attending it.

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