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bruce haack’s lost album, haackula, finally gets a proper release. recorded in the late 70’s it was deemed too dark and depressing for release so it was shelved, although a highly altered version was released as bite in 1981. bruce recorded this in his friend’s attic using his hand made equipment and a vocorder. the lyrical content of the album is full of the bitterness and frustration that bruce was feeling about his lack of  success and understanding, the album almost sounds  like a suicide note. “lie down”, “play me your album”, and “death machine” are permeated with hopelessness. surprisingly the sound of haackula is simple electro-pop, none of the experimental psychedelics of the electric lucifer albums make an appearance. possibly he was trying to create a commercially acceptable release, unfortunately the lyrics doomed it. the two bonus tracks included do seem a bit out a place, yet they help broaden the scope of the album. “party machine” was, oddly enough, co-produced by russell simmons, russell had heard one of bruce’s demos and called him to collaborate. “party machine” sounds like proto new wave and early hip hop done with a d.i.y. electronic process. “icarus” was  created for a gallery installation. a 32 minute long piece that combines elements from all of  bruce’s albums, including the children’s records. it’s regrettable that bruce is not around to see that his music, his warped electronic genius is an influence on many today.


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