a needle pulling thread.

this occured in antwerp’s central station. i know it’s not the first time a spontaneous music number surprised the public, companies have started staging them  for advertising, i still love seeing it. this gives me hope that we are all living in a musical waiting for our cue. i hope i don’t have to sing, i can probably pull of the dancing alright.

  1. Morgan said:

    I love that people who weren’t in on it still got caught up and wanted to dance too. You see people on the sides doing their thing. So cute.

  2. don said:

    Yeah, I’ve watched this like five times since you sent it yesterday, and sent it to several friends. Sound of Music has become one of the kids’ favorites; they’ve seen it three times and love it, even singing the songs, which is very interesting, because it’s kind of slow-paced compared to modern-day kids programming. But there’s something about Maria’s ebullient, plucky character that’s just incredibly infectious. Makes you want to drop all inhibition and self-consciousness and go skipping through meadows in the Austrian Alps with her and those seven adorable kids.

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