in the summer of my 21st year.


i’m in love with this record. the hazards of love it’s a great step forward for a band that could have easily rested on it laurels and produced the same folky indie record again and again. it is great to see a band grow in ways that challenge themselves (i’m looking at you animal collective). what the decemberists have created is a fantastic rock opera about a tragically mythic love story. the sound of the album is basically folk with some metal, blues and proggy guitar elements. it is that mixture that makes this album so admirable. they hinted at this sound on their albums the crane wife and the tain. the only parts of the album that i have a problem with are the female singers bits. they sing in a style that i’m just not a big fan of, they are growing on me though. i haven’t read many reviews of the hazards of love, although the ones i have seen seem to not really get it. i think that in today’s singles based culture people are getting lazy with their listening. this is an album you have to commit listening to, no skipping around. certainly no listening to on shuffle, that would be a horrible experience. the misunderstanding of this album is unfortunate. the hazards of love is a tremendous epic and the decemberists should be proud, i’m sure they are.

since there haven’t been any videos for this album, here is link to my friend alex’s rip of the npr podcast where they performed the entire album live at sxsw.

  1. Josh said:

    I think you might be right about our music listening culture being wrapped up in singles/ songs. Hence it’s luke warm response from the critics who have attention spans of a gnat.
    Don’t have a problem with the female singers either and I like the bit with the kids chorus singing towards the end.

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