cable’s lament.

our cable was finally shut off today and here are a couple of things that we’ll miss. some of them we are definably better off without.

pop culture clip shows – the soup, the dish, best week ever

chelsea lately

msnbc – rachel maddow, keith olbermann

the daily show and colbert report

most bravo shows- project runway, top chef, real housewives of atlanta, etc

mad men


and of course the countless other crappy shows we get sucked into, which is the main reason we got rid of cable.

  1. kb said:

    you can always watch the daily show and colbert on hulu!

    also, i often watch the rachel maddow video podcast on itunes.

    i mean, if you want to sit at your computer to watch tv.

    • exit. said:

      we did some hulu exploring last night. i caught up on my 30rock. morgan’s laptop will come in handy.

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