red felt square.


xiu xiu is definably in my top ten favorite bands. the lead singer, and up until a couple years ago it’s sole permanent member, jamie stewart is a genius of painfully beautiful songwriting and composing. when he announced that he was starting a subscription only monthly releases, i signed up right away. i even paid a little extra so i could get chocolates, and an extra disc,  made by him. the first disc arrived last week.

he had said the discs will be “ambient, experimental, and minimalist works”, and the is exactly what it is. there are three pieces on this volume. two of them percussion based, and explore the aspects of negative sound. the sound is battling the silence, and the silence is the focus. the warping of percussion is a great way to play with tension. the nineteen minute centerpiece is a synthesizer work in three movements. at times delicate and harsh, the balance of the two is something that jamie makes seem so easy.

i haven’t gotten the chocolate yet, i’ll be sure to tell you about it when i do.


  1. Lord_Summerisle said:

    I like the idea of space between notes. It’s one one of the secrets to good composition. More than often less is more unless of course you are Slayer or Minor Threat. Even they are careful and the parts of their music work well together even with it being crammed or competing and working within itself.

  2. Lord_Summerisle said:

    Nice packaging too.

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