did i fall asleep.


dollhouse is joss whedon’s newest show, we are six episodes into it now and it seems to be coming together nicely. dollhouse tells the story of an underground firm that rents out programmable humans, or dolls, to the rich and well connected. the first crop of episodes were far from perfect, full of choppy editing and sometimes laughably bad acting.  thankfully they had compelling stories and huge potential.  from what i’ve read about the show last night’s episode was the first that fox let joss have total control over and it showed. from the beginning the episode had joss’s signature flow, humor and style. he excels at carrying multiple storylines, one or two season long and one that is wrapped up by the end of each episode. the episodic story is usually focus around what the doll is hired for, and the two (so far) season long story arcs are about an fbi agent investigating the existance of the dollhouse and the more interesting story of a dangerous rogue doll.

hopefully fox sticks with the show for a while and doesn’t cancel it, they have already doomed it with a friday night time slot. i end up watching it online most of the time. i have faith that the show can only improve.


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