trying hard not to mention the blue penis.


i finally broke down and read watchmen. i figured i should read it before i saw the movie, which i saw last night. i found the book to be a good read offering a well written multi-layered story about the state of the human condition, albeit in an alternate reality where super heroes exist and nixon has been president for almost twenty years. i liked the book but i fail to see why it gets all the critical acclaim. i wasn’t in awe of it, and while the story was dense it still felt a bit shallow to me. it may have been another example of setting my expectations too high.

my opinion of the movie version is a bit different. i liked the movie quite a bit, although it was far from perfect. they cut a lot of the content of the book, and changed a little of the story. i agreed with all the alterations, the book has quite a bit of chaff that could be cut. the film was well cast and everyone gave a good performances. the style and design was lifted right out of the comic with only subtle changes to make it workable in “reality”, the look of the movie was one of my favorite parts. the downfall of the movie was in its pacing and length. watchmen, much like the dark knight, should have been made into two movies. they could of given us a little more of the depth and connect us to the characters more. i don’t know if i would recommend watchmen to anyone beside comic book nerds.

  1. birdantony said:

    I’m quite ambivalent about this movie. since the director changed the ending of the original storytelling he could change something more to set the movie and the characters closer to our time.

    p.s.: and the blue penis is really horrible!!! what kind of coloured condom mr. manhattan could use? 🙂

    • exit. said:

      i approve of how they changed the ending. the giant octopus was kind of stupid.

  2. kb said:

    I’ve been vaguely curious about the Watchmen book and movie. from your comments, I probably won’t go out of my way to seek either out.

    • exit. said:

      i would like to get your opinion of the book. it would be good to hear about the opinion of someone who i trust and is not a comic book nerd.

  3. Lord_Summerisle said:

    Why does everyone give the Watchmen so much respect? Oh wait I forgot I don’t read cmics or watch comic book related movies.

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