pop in and out in a bubble.


i’ve been trying for years to see wicked, and for many different reasons i’ve never made it happen. i finally saw it the other day and it was worth the wait. i read the book many years ago, so i was familiar with the story, which is about the “real” story of oz. the musical is a very condensed version of the book. wicked certainly isn’t a perfect musical, there are a couple of clunky moments and some of the musical numbers come off  hokey because of the choreography. there are two reasons why wicked works, first is the theme of overcoming adversity and becoming the person you know you should be, even if no one else understands. you are cheering for elphaba (the wicked witch of the west for the uninitiated) from the beginning. as cheesy as it sounds to say this show has heart. the second reason is the music. the score is simple and reminiscent of the wizard of oz and the songs are smart and easily hummable. the touring cast is superb, at times rivaling the original broadway cast. the two women playing the leads carried the production amazingly, they were elphaba and galinda. i would happily see this production again and again.


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