smile when i talk, laugh when i cry.

as mentioned in my review of ed askew’s little eyes, i knew ed was working on new music. rainy day song is the result, and it actually came out almost a year ago. i have been listening to it for some time and the album didn’t connect with me till recently. i was a bit disappointed with my first couple of  listens to this album. his voice has changed a lot in the 30+ years since the recordings of ask the unicorn and little eyes, his voice has mellowed and the rasp is gone. what rainy day song is a collection of poetically written songs with simple production. produced and performed by ed, he managed to give the album a small personal feel. i believe fans of leonard cohen, antony, and (i hate to say it) bob dylan would find much to like about ed askew. sometimes i feel like i’m the only person that listens to him.

  1. what you say here makes perfect sense of course.



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