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sorry, another antony & the johnsons post.

they are currently on a u.s. tour, i’m seeing them next week in seattle. antony live shows are something that needs to be wittnessed to understood. the moment he starts singing no one breaths or makes a sound, it can be intense. but sometimes if the crowd is lucky, antony breaks into a story, and you find out that antony is a pretty amusing storyteller. here is antony telling the story of an ex-boyfriend and the ideas behind “cripple and the starfish”, from a show in toronto last week.

part one.

part two.


antony & the johnsons on last night’s letterman.

this is the second time antony & the johnsons has been on letterman. i stayed up way past my bedtime to watch. for an antony fan, this is amazing. this performance had me agog. this is easily one of the best songs on amazingly highly recommended the crying light.


last week leslie and i took advantage of portland center stage‘s last minute rush $10 tickets to see apollo by nancy keystone. a couple of weeks ago i skimmed a review of it enough to know that i would probably like it. we went in knowing it was about the space race of the 50’s and 60’s, and the u.s.’s use of nazi war criminals to get ahead. we also knew it was close to four hours long with two intermissions.

the first act was an almost whimsical look at how the u.s. recruited the nazi scientists. the second act was an interrogation of one of the scientist by an attorney, bringing him up on war crimes in the eighties. and the third act connected the civil rights movement and the cotton industry to the launch of apollo.  the play was amazing, and didn’t seem like four hours.  the actors deserve some big praise for pulling off this play, the second and third acts were pretty intense.

the play did not follow any real sort of linear story, and is staged in a rather robert wilsonesque style. meaning, the soundtrack played and important part, there were elements of interpretive dance used, and rather avant garde staging was used. i really enjoyed most of the staging,  i feel that it needs to be restaged with a different stage director though.  some of the dance sequences and transitions were clunky and awkward, and the soundtrack needs a little tweaking. the sets at portland center stage always impress me, and apollo was no different. the set for the second act was a wall of carboard boxes that the actors reorganized during the act,  full of all sorts of artsy symbolism.

i wish we saw it earlier in the run so that we could have recommended it to more people.


this was a fasinating book that just didn’t draw me in. when i picked it up, i found it interesting, but when i put i down i would have to force myself to read it. it’s not a long book or hard to read, yet it took me over a month to finish it.

last night i went over to jamie’s place so we could watch the grammy’s. i twittered the night away, but twitter got them all messed up because i texted them in from my phone. so here are my tweets in the proper order, with some new comments added in.

Boo to u2. Al green and jt were alright. (i heard that jt and al green were called in to fill in for the missing rihanna and chris brown. it seems that chris brown may have assaulted rihanna and gotten arrested for it.)

jennifer hudson got the award for best r&b album, good for her, but she forgot to take off her apron.

omg myley cyrus and taylor swift together for the first time.  (i didn’t even realize i was waiting my whole life for that moment.)

Please give me the strength to make it through kid rock’s performance.

(guest tweet from janet by way of josh, used without their permission so i hope they don’t mind.) Janet says ” Kid Rock is what Applebee’s is to foood.”

Poor stevie wonder having to perform with the jonas brothers. (how did they get him to agree to that.)

Ugh. Coldplay again and katy perry next. Its gonna be hard. (i just can’t see how coldplay deserve any award, sorry that’s just my opinion.)

We had to mute katy perry. (she is beyond horrible, why why why why why?)

yay for adele! (i’m glad when someone worthwhile wins every now and then. and the face she made when she mentioned the jonas bros was awesome.)

Is it suppose to be black and white? I feel cheated of my mia. My goodness she is pregnant. (there was not enough mia in that performance, and all the rap superstars seemed a little lost.)

jennifer hudson tore it up live. i will have to go see her when she comes to town.

i freakin love radiohead. (they pulled off playing with the marching band. ’15 steps’ was a good choice. i think they should have had the whole band there. they’re are such a killer live band.)

How could they not give it to radiohead? (i’m sure that robert plant & alison kruass album is good, but come on. why not give it to someone original.)