you must stop this madness.

for fans of klaus nomi this is like the holy grail of lost recordings. za bakdaz is a collection of songs for a new wave opera that klaus was working on when he passed away in 1983. these tracks seem like they were still in the rough demo phase, and just teases us with the masterpiece the he could have created.  this was a far more experimental than his previous studio albums, more akin to the sci-fi soundtracks of the sixties. klaus uses his voice almost like a theremin, adding texture and drama.

my only problem with the release of za bakdaz, is how little information there is about it. the liner notes are a collection a anecdotes and quotes the seem unrelated to the album, or maybe i just read them wrong. mainly what i would like to know is how much of this is how klaus wanted it to sound and how much was engineered and remastered for the release?

after some searching i found this interview with za bakdaz co-creators, which answers some questions, but not all.


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