Monthly Archives: November 2008

even though i really don’t have much going on right now i decided to set up a twitter page.

so know i have to get more people on board. so sign up friends! and start following me.

i promise to follow you too.


i’ve been going through a fairly rough patch over the last couple of weeks. if it wasn’t for the following things i probably would have broke.

the second season of 30 Rock on dvd, and the start of the third season.

the second season of the incredibly inventive pushing daisies. please everyone watch this show, they might take it away, and that would be sad.

chelsea handler’s late night show on E.

the simple pleasures of ellen.

crosswords on my ds. i’ve done over 500 crossword and about 150 word searches.

korg ds-10.

seeing john hodgman at wordstock. this isn’t from wordstock though.

the new album from of montreal skeletal lamping, and a couple of bootlegs from the current tour. i’m seeing them in a couple of weeks.

the non-existent bootlegs from antony & the johnson’s recent orchestral tour.

there are a few other things that have kept me from being totally down, but i will be giving them their own post soon.

i also want to thank all my friends, i think i have the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for.
and a big hug and kiss for morgan.